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Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy Birthday (a short story)

The pain is the worst accompaniment of these visits. It is tough to see Gerry lying limp on the bed with blank eyes and saliva dripping from the side of his mouth with exactly the same expression for twenty long years of his life. Today, like always, mom has brought a chocolate fudge cake to the ‘Home’, where he is kept to celebrate another of his lifeless birthdays. Who has told her that Gerry likes chocolate fudge cake is not known, because as long as I remember he has never spoken a word, being affected by a brain disease while still in the protective cocoon of mother’s womb.

Another reason for celebration today is my graduation from medical school. I will be starting independent practice from tomorrow. My only wish was, however, to spend the night here with Gerry. Overnight stay was not allowed but I was permitted to stay till 9 in the night.

After the cake cutting and distribution of money to the nursing staff, which took care of Gerry all year round, mom and dad left us alone. Knowing that I am a doctor now, the night-nurse left him alone with me to attend to her personal work.

I stared hard into Gerry’s blank eyes, squeezed his hand and waited patiently for a response or a blink or just a twinge of fingers. Nothing happened. I sighed… took out the vial from my coat pocket and with a syringe pushed the liquid into his glucose drip. A five minutes’ wait… followed by cardiac arrest…..and…eternal peace…
I whispered into his ears… ‘Happy Birthday’…
I thought I saw a single curve of smile on his lips for the first time ever…

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