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Friday, 16 September 2011

Fun as it is….

The world around somehow functions on its own rules. By the world I mean the society that surrounds us and at times engulfs us. Like State, society is a body which does not have any existence of its own. We are the society. We form it, we make the rules, and we also mend the rules as per our convenience. All of us have at some point or the other discussed other people and their lives. What we overlook is the fact that someone somewhere may be discussing us; that discussion is not very favorable every time. Well… I do not mean to bog you down with the negative notion but I am just asking my readers to understand and respect the fine lines that constitute the fabric of human nature.

When you laugh at something, that thing is invariably superficial. A recent post doing the rounds in Facebook status messages is the one that asks you to be proud of what you are, thin or fat, fair or dark. That’s exactly the point… while having grown up we conveniently forget what we have learned in our growing up years, that is, to respect others for what they are. It is said that laughing at someone’s physical appearance tantamount to laughing at their Creator…. that is God. That is too huge a sin to commit, don’t you think?

However, with so much tension to handle at work and at home we give the finer details a miss and enjoy a hearty laugh often at the expense of others. It is similar to the fact that it’s always easier to cite watching TV as a hobby instead of developing some actual hobby, which requires you to use your brains and get up from the couch. And please…. video games and mobile games don’t count as hobbies either. Often we get back from work and lie down to watch TV, which instead of making us relax makes us realize that we have done nothing fruitful throughout the day…however when you end the day doing something good you will certainly feel good.

I know the final objective of whatever we do is to stay happy, be it at the expense of others, laughing at them or their ways or watching TV or gulping down Pizza although you promise to be on a diet. I think a miss one time is fine but this should never become a rule, otherwise the exception will become the rule and before you know people will start avoiding you for being shallow. Fun of this sort is short-lived and will wane out sooner or later. On the other hand it’s better to see every situation in a happy way and then enjoy that moment. For once try to enjoy the scenery around even when you have lost your way and have traveled some extra kilometers and burned that highly costly liquid called Petrol :P 

Stop calculating the amount you burned and relish the fact that you traveled a lost route and enjoyed something different!! Is it too difficult a task??

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